How much savings is enough to retire?

Have you ever thought about when to retire and how long will you live after retirement? Nowadays, medical technology is becoming more advanced. Humans live longer, it's time... That we need to be prepared for spending in the post-retirement life. This program will help you figure out how much money you should have to live comfortably after retirement. Be self-reliant.

Want to know how much to save...

Current Age
There is time to collect money.
Retired at age
It's time to spend the savings.
Current age
Will retire at the age of 18.

Pre-retirement period

Current salary
Current costs
Retirement savings are available now.
Rate of return on savings / investments before retirement

Post-retirement period

After retirement, I want to spend my salary.
Want to leave money as a legacy.
Rate of return on savings / investments after retirement

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